How to Find a Personal Chef in Vail or Denver


With so many services available via the internet these days, it’s easy to forget that some services simply cannot be emulated by a robot.  A personal chef provides a very intimate and personable experience in your own home. When looking for someone who you will be inviting into your home, you’ll want to feel an immediate connection with them.  Personal Chefs typically suggest, after the initial email connection, that you have a phone conversation.  You can learn a lot from someone even in just speaking briefly with them.  Are they responsive? Friendly? Available? Willing to customize their service to fit you and your needs or your guests’ allergy constraints?  You’ll also want to make sure that the personal chef cost fits within your budget.  There are an array of chefs and services out there from quick meal prep drop off to high end gourmet dinners.  Even if it isn’t a good fit, likely from talking with the personal chef, he/she can point you in the right direction and refer you to someone who may better suit your needs.


Likely, you’re familiar with the phrase ‘you get what you pay for.’  Personal chefs are just that, personal.  Typically, we own our businesses. More often than not, it is a one woman/man show fueled by passion.  Your personal chef should take great pride in providing clients with the highest level of service and sourcing the highest quality ingredients.  Even before a prospective client decides to hire a personal chef, the person on the other end shall have already provided a great level of service.  The personal chef’s name is on the business and they should care about the experience and the food they put on the table.  And, while we cannot always compete with a large catering company on cost, the service will go from bland to extraordinary. ally-prepping-1 After all, you have taken the first step to bringing someone in to create a perfect foodie filled evening for whatever you may be celebrating, even if it’s just because it’s a Tuesday, you’ll want that 5-star service that comes with a personal chef.

In a nutshell, when looking for a personal chef in Vail or Denver, pick up the phone and see if your personalities match.  I’m sure you’ll be able to tell quickly if you want to invite this person into your home.


2 thoughts on “How to Find a Personal Chef in Vail or Denver”

  1. I like how you say that a personal chef should take pride in his or her food and service. My husband and I are often busy, and we end up not having time to cook. I think that we will look into hiring a personal chef near us who does take pride in his or her work and is healthy certified.

    1. Hi Amanda! Thank you for your comment. Food and meals shared around a table are so important to one’s well-being. What area of the country do you live in? I belong to a large personal chef association and would be more than happy to help you find a personal chef in your area.

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