Denver and Vail Personal Chef to Private Yacht Chef

You guys!

IMG_0003This is “walking home” on the dock for the week. One of those large yachts over there is where I will be cooking for the next three weeks. Follow along to see more pictures of the digs.


Day 1 was kind of a whirlwind with an overnight flight, two layovers and then landing at the most adorable small airport where I was picked up by the kindest gentleman. He drove me down to the dock where one of my new crew mates was waiting for me with the tender to take me to the smaller island with the (much) larger boat. Once arriving on the yacht, I met the other crew members who were extremely welcoming and then they showed me to my sleeping quarters (about the size of a mummy sleeping bag!) So, enough on that. We then scooted off on the golf cart to explore the island and get a bite to eat (one of the few meals I won’t be responsible for cooking!) The “grocery stores” that I will be provisioning at are more of a small island convenience store than anything resembling a US grocery store. More on that later as I start provisioning for the first group of guests this afternoon!


Stay tuned for the adventures of chef life on a private yacht where I exchange my snow boots, negative degree weather and hopefully really pale winter skin for turquoise waters, coral sands and a galley kitchen!

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