Provisioning Time

So, things are getting interesting around here! I spent a lot of time menu planning prior to arriving only to get here and visit the local island grocery stores where most of the ingredients simply do not exist on this tiny island! Quick, think back to culinary school days when we were given a secret ingredient and two hours to come up with and prepare a main dish and dessert! Only this time a lot more is on the line! But in the words of Bob Marley, “everything’s gonna be alright!”

Speaking of Bob, I visited Captain Bob’s store for my first provisioning trip. The amazing stewardess, Amanda, chose to take me there first as it is “the largest grocery store on the island.” The entire store is just a modest room filled with an assortment of dry goods (some of which is only carried in high end specialty stores in Colorado and some that could be found in the smallest of 7-11s), about 6 varieties of frozen seafood, frozen mystery meat and ‘fresh’ produce.  

Fresh is a relative term here on Harbour Island as they get one shipment of fresh food per week and even that was likely delivered to a larger island sometime before then. But if you ask the gentleman there if he has fresh herbs or certain items, he will go in the back, which very well could be as large as the store itself, and says he has anything you need! Phew! A pleasant surprise to see fresh basil, parsley and cilantro! Oh, and they also seemed to carry a very high caliber of fine cheeses. Don’t mind if I do! I will, however, source the fresh fish from a local fisherman though!

Come back to hear about my second shopping trip at… Piggly Wiggly!

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