Good Practice for the Next Trip

While I was getting ready, or provisioning, for the first group of guests it was a bit of trial and error. I’m told that you typically go to the store one time to provision no matter the length of trip. I’ve been three times so far between Bob’s and the Piggly Wiggly! And going back today (day 2 of trip one)! To be fair, I’ve been checking out the goods at each place to see what’s available and what creative juices start flowing in my head. And, this is not the US chain store Piggly Wiggly! This one is, well, let’s just say quaint!

But, as you can tell, I had no trouble filling up the golf cart with goodies!


I suppose this is all good practice for the next trip where I won’t be within 100 miles to a grocery store during a 10 day trip! Luckily for me, we can fly groceries in to wherever we may be to restock on fresh produce. Yes, that is a real thing!

I guess I should also mention why the provisioning has proved extra tricky. I’m cooking 4 meals plus dessert for 8 people every day right now. That’s a lot of planning, food and cooking! But look at my “office” view for the time being! No complaints here:)

That’s right, that means the first group of guests are on board right now. I’ll catch you up as I have more free time!

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