Breaking the Ice

I have to say that I feel incredibly thankful to have an amazing crew to work with! These people are seriously awesome! Of course, they live with each other day in and day out so they are quite close. What better way to break the ice than to do a little Saved By The Bell style aerobic circuit training in the mornings after a beach run?! (I took a video of this but unfortunately its too large to upload!) It’s also possible that I did the worm at the captain’s, Elizabeth, birthday celebration!

And, the only way I know how to break the ice with the guests is serve them up some delicious food. They arrived on the yacht to a champagne toast and a lovely charcuterie board while they settled in for the week. As you know, I’ve been doing a lot of planning so I thought I would wow them on the first night with a pistachio crusted red snapper, pineapple salsa and herbed quinoa salad for the first dinner followed by pineapples flambĆ©, toasted coconut ice cream and fresh chocolate chip walnut cookies for dessert. While they sang praises about the food that evening, they also questioned numerous times if they ate dinner! Did I mention they had been drinking since 3 am?! Regardless of their state of mind, they were gracious and I could even serve that same meal for lunch one day and no one would noticešŸ˜‰

To my surprise, the ladies woke up quite early the next morning! While the men slept in, I snuck out for my morning beach run. Breakfast was a caramelized onion, bacon, Spinach and gruyere frittata! Sorry, no pictures as it was devoured within minutes! had to soak up that inevitable hangover they must’ve had from blacking out before dinner!

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