Just Breathe

After having been here one full week so far, I finally feel like I got my groove! Oh, but wait! The freezer broke with all of the fish, other proteins and odds and ends that I had provisioned! We caught it in time for the food not to defrost and be spoiled but fixing it has proved to be an endeavor! The compressor broke. Luckily, that part was found and could be overnighted to Ft. Lauderdale!! Awesome! Right? Well… it was to arrive by 10am where someone who was hired by the captain to pick it up and fly it down to Harbour Island to us. Of course, it didn’t arrive on time and the guy missed his flight to Harbour Island. There are no evening flights into this airport. New flight booked for him tomorrow afternoon. And we still need to find someone that can install the compressor. Did I mention that we were supposed to leave first thing in the morning for Staniel Cay where we were picking up the next guests, who happen to be the owners of the yacht!

Aside from lovely mishaps such as that, I am working on a yacht in the Bahamas! Life is good and funny sometimes! There is nothing I can do about the freezer so, for now, I am just reminding myself to breathe and look at this amazing view!

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