Exumas: Part 1

We pulled into the Staniel Cay marina after the sun had set, you know, since we had to make a pit stop to go buy a chest freezer. Waking up that next morning, I saw my first glimpse of some of the most gorgeous waters I’d ever laid eyes on! That and Nurse Sharks, which they say are friendly and you can swim with them. However, days later I saw them being fed hot dogs near another cay and the were quick to lunge themselves on top of one another with a wide open chomp splashing back down into the clear electric blue water.

The second group of guests arrived that morning. These guests happened to be the owner and wife of the yacht. A tinge of nerves came over me in preparation of their arrival. Of course, I wanted these people to like me and the food I would be preparing over the next 10 days. Those nerves quickly faded away just as the ocean goes to low tide. They greeted me with a hug and smiling faces.

Earlier that day, we had approached some locals to go out spear fishing for spiny lobster and either grouper, tuna, wahoo or snapper. They came back about an hour after the owners climbed on board. They were not empty handed. They pulled out 5 of the largest live lobsters I’ve ever seen! (Yes, I m from Colorado so this might not have much validation!) But, see for yourself!



Since the larger lobster tails tend to be more tough, I prepared the smaller tails for the guests and reserved the larger ones for the crew and myself.


My previous dinner plans for that first evening quickly got put on the back burner and lobster tails for dinner it was.

Of course after their stone crab claw with mustard sauce starter that is! You know you have hit the yacht crew jackpot when your Captain offers to crack the claws for you!




To show you just how large some of these local (and amazingly delectable) crustaceans can be, below is one of the claws in comparison to my hand!

Yep, the food and life as a chef on a yacht is oh so sweet!

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