Exumas: Part 2

The owner and his wife provided much appreciation and praise for my cooking. She especially loved how flavorful my food was but also how light everything was by not bathing in heavy sauces. I’ll chalk that up as a win! That and the fact that they insisted I go out on their daily excursions with them once all my prep work was done!
They seemed to truly have an interest in me seeing these beautiful cays and waters! I’m pretty sure that’s not normal to have the guests urging you to go snorkeling, swimming with piggies, jet skiing, etc. I soaked up every minute! Out of all the activities I was able to enjoy while working was Thunderball Grotto, where two James Bond movies have been filmed, and snorkeling off Norman’s Cay, where an old drug plane had crashed just before reaching the almost 5,000 foot long air strip. I’m sure the crew enjoyed me snorkeling that as well seeing as I was continuously swimming in circles doing perimeter checks for hammerheads that happen to breed in the lagoon directly south of the site of the plane crash! I also did love Rachel’s Bubble Bath until the ocean wrapped me in one of her ferocious waves and spit me out into coral. (Let’s just say if you ever get a scraped by coral, do not take it lightly! It is bacteria ridden and I’ll be going home with a nasty infection.)
I know what you’re thinking right about now. Am I reading about a travel blog or a personal chef blog about someone who is supposed to be working on a yacht?! Well, the phrase work hard play hard is the epitome of yacht crew life! So, back to the galley for me where I’m whipping up stone crab Benedicts with handmade hollandaise for brunch. 
Then for dinner, the menu was as follows: Roasted Butternut Squash and Apple Soup for a starter; papaya granita intermezzo; herb encrusted rack of lamb and a Boston Creme Pie for dessert (Captain’s choice as it was her birthday!)

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