Seas The Moment

I know the suspense must’ve been killing you on the name of the yacht.  Seas The Moment.  I felt it was quite fitting for the experience I embarked on and thought I would share with you some of the things I learned as a private chef on a yacht.

Take chances! Some things seem to be way out of our comfort zone but isn’t that the point? To push yourself and become a better version of you all while enjoying the ride of life? When I agreed to chef on the private yacht, I was more anxious than I would like to admit. Not to mention that I had only been on a yacht once in my life for about 3 hours total, but I worried about sourcing food and providing delicious gourmet food to people who have likely dined in Michelin starred restaurants more than the average person.  However, I accepted the challenge to cook on this yacht for a month and you know I was not going to let my fears get in the way of creating beautiful and delicious food.  I cooked up a storm for about 21 days straight and it felt good (and exhausting!)  I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around how amazing of an opportunity and experience I just lived through. While I, without a doubt, missed my hubby and fur babies, I am proud of myself that I “Seas(ed) The Moment” and can now say I have been a chef on a private yacht in the Bahamas!

 This is a view from the galley where I spent the majority of my time over the last several weeks!  Not a bad office view! I had a few moments when I wanted nothing more than to put down my knife and just go jump in the water.  But, if you’ve been following along, you know I spent plenty of time enjoying the beautiful islands! I do know that I have no desire to ever work as a chef in a restaurant.  I never want to get burned out on something I love to do!  I want to continue to share this passion and my food with others.  I also have a feeling that I will be back on board in the future serving up scrumptious food to yacht guests.  Sounds like the perfect gig during mud season…

For now, I am back in the Colorado mountains gearing up to serve locals and visitors delectable dishes!  Thank you to those who followed along on my cooking adventure in the beautiful Bahamas!

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