Transition Thursday

As I sit down and write to you all, it is from a snow-capped mountain and not the electric blue Bahamian waters as it was last time we talked.  I’ll call that a win-win in my book though! Some of you may know that we, hubby, fur babies and I, recently traded city life for mountain life and haven’t looked back!  As we settle in to our new mountain community in the Vail Valley, this also means growing my personal chef business in a new mountain community.  I am up for the challenge!  I get to meet a myriad of beautiful new souls while peppering them with delicious food. I love it!

One of the first events I attended in my new community was a business women’s networking event.  While I did have business cards to pass around that evening, I took it one step further and handed out dark chocolate cherry almond bark to accompany my business card.  I’m guessing the ladies will remember that long after my card may have, inadvertently ;), ended up on the bottom of a pile who knows where.  You only get one chance to make a first impression.  For myself and my business, I strive to make it a memorable and pleasant experience. Lucky for me, most people love food, especially when accompanied by a warm smile!

With a new community comes new opportunities.  Apart from the women’s networking event in Vail, another one of the top business ventures I’ve encountered thus far is cooking for a multi million dollar open house.   I was honored to be hired for this event by our Vail Valley Realtor (he also happens to be the photographer behind some of these amazing shots from the open house).  I’ve been hired as the chef for many open houses, but this was a first in the real estate business. The clientele were mostly other local brokers perusing the home before bringing in their clients.  I had so much fun at this event. It was an amazing opportunity and I was able to interact within my new community.  It didn’t hurt that the home was breathtaking and situated right on a creek next to Beaver Creek Resort!  And, check out this kitchen! On the menu that day was a Greek Vegetable Salad, Prosciutto, Aged Gouda and Apple Sandwiches, House Made Ricotta and Heirloom Tomato Sandwiches, Pork Carnitas Tacos, Veggie Tacos, Carrot Cake Bites and Dark Chocolate Dipped Macaroons.  I look forward to the next open house and creating more delicious treats for Vail Valley!

Needless to say, this transition to a new mountain lifestyle has been filled with amazing new people, fantastic aromas and melt in your mouth food.  The best part, we are just getting started!  I can’t wait to share all of the adventures with you!


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