Hosting a Holiday Dinner Party in the Vail Valley: Why you Need a Personal Chef

If your family and friends are anything like mine, then you know the importance of gathering around the dinner table to celebrate, well, anything when good food and company are involved! If you’re looking to throw an elegant dinner or cocktail party for your family, friends or coworkers – just know that it doesn’t have to be stressful.

While enticing guests with food and wine will certainly make them show up for the party, think of why you wanted them there in the first place. Chances are it is because you enjoy their company and want to mingle and catch up. How does one really mingle with their guests while constantly checking that tenderloin roast in the oven, tending to the tofu for the one vegetarian guest, portioning sides for the gluten intolerant guests, stirring the silky red wine and mushroom sauce, refreshing drinks for all of your guests and setting the dining room table with precision?

Hiring a personal chef, such as Chef Ally with Season to Taste (wink wink!), will gladly take that all on so you can enjoy your evening and guests the way a dinner party is intended. All aspects of the evening are handled from coordinating a menu, shopping, prepping, setting the table, cooking, serving and, best of all, cleaning up! Because, let’s face it, after a few glasses of wine no host wants to clean up that evening and especially doesn’t want to face the kitchen train wreck the next morning!

Lastly, you may be as surprised as I am to realize that it is already November! So, don’t delay in booking your Vail Valley personal chef, Season to Taste, for your company holiday parties or family and friend gatherings. I assure you that you will be so thankful this holiday season for the extra time you get to spend with your guests while enjoying a gourmet meal! Bon appetit!

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