Vail Private Chef on a Yacht in the Bahamas 2.0

Ahoy Mateys! If someone would have told me three years ago that I would be pursuing my dream of owning a personal chef business, living in the Vail Valley and would have the opportunity to chef on a private yacht in the Bahamas, not once but twice, I would’ve thought they were out of their mind!  Speaking of, it’s amazing what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it!  Thanks for following along on my journey as this Vail personal chef cooked her way through the beautiful Bahamian waters once again! Please note that I did not have any significant wifi while on board so I took notes and will be updating my blog back from the Rocky Mountains.

Off I went, back to the Bahamas, this time to the Abaco Islands.  There wasn’t much (okay no) downtime once I arrived to get reacquainted, provision, adjust, etc. as the first group of guests were already on board!  Not to mention, the next day was Easter so any food store would be closed and most were closed the following day as well.  I tell you what, other countries really know how to take the much needed rest days!

Anyway, there was a small “grocery store” near the marina we were docked at for a couple days.  I grabbed a few items the afternoon I arrived and hoped for the best, most creative juices to come my way and help me make it until Monday or Tuesday when I could provision for the next week or so.  I would say it started out on a high note! Easter brunch the following morning was a feast, albeit “unique,” as one guest mentioned.

Easter brunch consisted of delicious deviled eggs, in honor of my mom who makes them every year, Prosciutto di Parma wrapped melon and mozzarella drizzled with cherry balsamic vinegar, fresh tropical fruit, a serious assortment of fresh sauteed veggies blanketed with…bacon! And, assorted breads with Bahamian guava jam (yum!) Oh, and breakfast dessert of fresh scratch made pumpkin nut bread. And, did you notice those adorable bunny napkins that Amanda whipped together to add to the festiveness?!

As you may remember, the crew gets to eat whatever I prepare them, so, naturally, I fully take advantage of serving us up the same delectable bites.  As you can imagine, the food just gets better and better on these trips!  With that said, I have to fit my daily exercise in whenever and however I can. Since we were still docked at the marina in Treasure Cay, I ran straight to the beach after digesting this Easter feast.  I’m convinced that the Bahamian beaches are among the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen.  Decide for yourself…

I was in such awe of this beauty that I ran a little further than intended this day (sometimes I forget that I also have to run back to the starting point!) Even though I missed being with my family on Easter Sunday, I certainly made the most of this experience!

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