Vail Valley Cooking Camps and Classes for Kids and Teens

School’s out for summer!! Well, not quite yet but it’s never too early to start planning activities for your Vail Valley child or teen so they stay out of trouble and engaged in healthy activities. Season to Taste is on a mission to help kids and teens get excited about food and cooking!  Chef Ally developed a love of cooking and learning about food at a young age and wants to share that joy with today’s budding chefs.  Not only is cooking a fantastic sensory activity, but they will be cooking and eating food forever and Season to Taste wants to encourage kids and teens to enjoy it. The hope is that your budding chef will not only walk away with an expanded palate and fundamental kitchen skills but, also, the overwhelming significance of how food brings people together. The kitchen table is where stories are told, memories are made, laughs are had and tears are cried.  And, after all, don’t we always end up in the kitchen at a gathering?!

Season to Taste offers one-time cooking classes for kids or teens, such as a birthday party, like this recent 7-year old cooking class birthday party.  Chef Ally went to the home of the birthday girl and taught the girls fundamental skills such as how to properly hold a knife all the way to making fruit kabobs, sliders and sweet potato fries complete with homemade dipping sauce for their fries.

If you’re looking for something more hands-on or long-term, consider a focused fundamental classic techniques class for your child or teen. Chef Ally can come to your home or open up her own Eagle, CO home for your budding chef.  Season to Taste offers different classes geared to the right age group throughout the summer in her home. The next round of summer cooking camps and day classes in the chef’s home are opening in early June once school is out! The schedule will be out soon. Drop us a note if you’d like to stay informed of the upcoming schedule.

To learn more visit or reach out to Chef Ally by email: or phone: (303) 523-5539

We can’t wait to see your Vail Valley budding chef in the kitchen soon!

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